New! Track Time In Microsoft Planner

A new way to keep projects and tasks on track: you can now track time inside Microsoft Planner!

We’re excited to bring you this new integration, provided by the Timeneye Browser Widget.

Let’s see how it works!

Find our Microsoft Planner integration in the Integrations section of your workspace and in our website integrations page

Track Time inside your Microsoft Planner tasks

To use this integration, first you need a Timeneye workspace (obviously!) and the Timeneye Browser Widget:

Download and install the Timeneye Browser Widget for Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft Planner is a task and project management tool for teams that comes with Office 365.

Once you’ve created your first plan in Planner, you can organize the tasks in a kanban-like board, assign them to the team, set due dates, and so on.

And to all that, you can now add time tracking.

How to track time for tasks in Microsoft Planner

Install the Timeneye Widget, and make sure to log in to your Timeneye workspace.

Then head to your Planner.

You can already see the little Timeneye clock icon, added by the Timeneye Widget, that you can use to track time.

Click on any tasks on the Planner to see the task detail.

The widget adds a small panel inside the task. You can use this panel not only to track time, but also to see a recap of how many entries and how many timers you already have tracked.

How to find your Planner time inside Timeneye

All the time you track with the integration is stored inside the workspace.

The entries you create are clearly recognizable on the calendar dashboard by the Planner logo and the name of the task.

(Need to do a search for a specific Planner entry? Use the Entries list to search your time by integration)

Start tracking your time in Planner and give this integration a try!

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