How to make the most out of a shared working space

Shared working environments have increased drastically in popularity within the last decade. These public office spaces have risen to an impressive 12,670 spaces since 2011, with new spots opening up often.

In fact, approximately 40% of the workforce will use this type of space by 2020. With the population’s increasing desire to build freelance, solopreneur, and independent contractor careers, public office space is in high demand. Regardless of the success of shared working spaces, there are still some challenges to embracing the environment.

Getting work done in a shared office space

Many issues that slow productivity in shared workspaces are distractions to workers. Noise and visual disruptions play a part in potentially distracting the average worker from the task at hand.

Luckily, there are savvy ways to overcome these issues and increase productivity. Small adjustments like smart headphone choices and visual decluttering help make the vast majority of workers happy they chose this space over working from home.

Time management plays a key role in increasing productivity in a coworking space. Sticking to set work times, and taking frequent breaks is a great way to stay on task. 64% of workers who manage their time with sufficient breaks say they are better able to complete tasks by their deadline: proof that adjusting the way you work goes a long way to being more productive.

Focus on your view

Procrastination also puts up a fight against productivity whether working from home or a shared space. One of the best ways to help avoiding the dreaded “p” word is to accomplish small tasks first. Anything that tasks less than two minutes (like answering emails) should be done as soon as the task comes in. Letting these little jobs stack up will almost always leave you with a pile of stuff to do when you’re ready to clock out. Check it off as you go, and feel less stressed when you call it a day!

Of course, home and work life balance is also a secret to remaining productive. Being sure to stick to set working hours, bringing less work home, and taking time for you are all ways to ensure the most harmonious balance of work and private life. This is easier said than done for new entrepreneurs, but is somewhat possible. Be strict with yourself and your work will pay off.

A vast 92% of people using shared office environments prefer working here over staying at home. These folks have figured out how to make the most of a shared office space, and by using these helpful tips you also may be ready to say goodbye to working from home!

Tips for Getting Work Done in a Shared Office Space
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