10 Time Management Tips For The Busy Blogger

Time is precious to every profession, and business owners and bloggers are not an exception, especially in this fast-growing world.

For bloggers to achieve success, they need to channel most of their time to think, research, write, publish, edit, and also promote their blog. They also need time to respond to comment in the comment section of their blog.
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Why Do Startup Businesses Fail? Pitfalls To Avoid

Investing your time, money, and resources into creating a startup takes a lot out of a person. That’s what makes a startup’s failure all the more devastating.

No matter how hard many people try, over 70 percent of startups in the tech industry alone will fail to meet their creators’ goals.

Those statistics, however, aren’t meant to say, “don’t ever invest in a startup.” Instead, they’re meant to represent the challenges that await anyone who does – and the safeguards you’ll have to invest in if you want to see your startup dreams come true.
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Those Good Workplace Vibes: Making Your Startup Team More Compatible

Interpersonal communications are as strange as they are wonderful. When you’re around the same people five days a week, eight hours a day, you build up a bond that’s relatively indisputable.

Unfortunately, that means there’s plenty of potential for drama, even as there’s potential for friendships.

So, what can you do to – if not entirely prevent arguments in your office space – make sure that your startup’s team can work together peacefully?

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How To Plan A Project When You Have No Idea Where To Start

I remember the first planning meeting we had after I became Project Manager of Timeneye.

There was a lot of awkward silence, me shuffling through papers, and changing the monthly plan back and forth.

When you’re tasked with managing a project for the first time, planning requires a lot of guessing and adjustments. Without past experiences in your baggage, how can you estimate deadlines and due dates? How can you decide how much workload can any team member take?
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