Why Time Is a Startup’s Most Valuable Resource

The startup life – an exhilarating race to build the next groundbreaking product.

Startups teams are under a lot of pressure to beat competition. Standing out from the crowd comes with a lot of (not just monetary) costs.

In the fast-paced startup environments, being able to do great things with little time and resources is a skill that’s hard to learn.

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6 Strategies for Building a High-Performing (and Happy) Customer Service Team

Truth is, your customer service is what can make or break your business

With 49% of consumers switching companies due to poor customer support, it’s clear that if your customers won’t become your priority, running a profitable business could be a struggle.

That’s why building a high-performing and engaged team of support heroes forms the foundation of your company’s success, especially if you operate remotely.

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How to Scale Your Business: Best Practices to Automate, Delegate, Eliminate

So your business has really taken off. 

You’re growing strong, hiring new people, maybe even opening new offices. 

Things are looking up. 

Then, your business advisor calls you out and says: “You need to scale your business.”

This means increasing efficiency and reducing spending by taking a close look at all your product, service, infrastructure, and processes. 

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