How To Monitor Projects In Timeneye

Welcome back to our “How to Timeneye” series – the guides where we teach you how to use Timeneye to speed up your daily work.

In this article I’ll show you the best ways to monitor projects: from phase management, to budget tracking, to project reporting, all these can be done easily inside Timeneye. 

After this guide you’ll be able not only to know the status of each of your projects, but you’ll learn ways to make the monitoring projects more automated and save lots of time.

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How To Create Hourly Budgets (And Make Sure You Stick To Them)

“How long will it take?”

Any client who will come seeking your business’ services will be concerned about time as well as costs. This is why time is a key factor when quoting a project.

Once you’ve given an estimate, the hard part is sticking to it. Exceeding the budgeted time can result in high costs and very upset clients: here’s how Timeneye helps you avoid just that.
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How To Audit Your Team’s Time And Measure Productivity

Talking about “measuring employee productivity” usually brings up a bad feeling.
Employees don’t like having their work scrutinized, and managers (at least, some of them) don’t want to be chasing people around to ask them about their work.

Yet, if teams want to improve, or at least have an idea on how their work’s been going, a little monitoring and measuring of productivity is necessary.

When done correctly, it can help the manager find costs and time sinks, and also benefit the way the organization works as a whole.

Thankfully, Timeneye gives managers the tools to do just that.
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