How To Make Tracking Your Time A Daily Habit

Many of us start tracking time with the best intentions. However, many of us also find themselves in the middle of the day asking “Wait, did I track my time today?”.

Too many things happen during the day, unexpected problems and requests rain on us, and frankly, tracking time is a bit of a pain.

But fear not! There are many ways you can make time tracking productive habits – starting with some useful Timeneye features.
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Project Meetings: An Easy-To-Follow Checklist That Will Save You Time

If you’ve been invested with the role of Project Manager, you also probably have to set up project update meetings with your client.


Don’t let yourself be found unprepared.

If you really can’t escape setting meetings to share project status updates with your client, these are the 5 things you have to remember to prepare beforehand – so that you’ll get the whole thing done quickly and productively.
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This Is Why You Should Have Some “Unproductive” Time On Your Schedule

If you feel like fainting at the sight of your to-dos, you’re not alone.

When tasks and assignments pile up, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And then there are also the countless emails, the phone calls, the distractions in the office and interruptions…

One would think that filling every free minute on the schedule is the most effective way to be more productive and get everything done.
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Timeneye 101: How To Set Up Your Workspace

So you’ve signed up to Timeneye. It’s good to have you on board! Now you can start tracking your time and skyrocket your productivity.

What are the very first things to do so that you’re ready to track time right away?

Below we listed the first steps to take in Timeneye to correctly set up your workspace and be ready to get tracking. Let’s start this journey!
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