Timeneye Update: sneak peek!

At Timeneye, we work hard to provide our users the best experience possible with effortless, efficient time tracking. This is why we often ask our users to share their thoughts, comments, and suggestions to help us improve Timeneye. Over the last months, we gathered a lot of feedback and decided to roll up our sleeves and start working.

We’re planning to launch a new version of Timeneye, and although the work is still in progress, today we would like to share with you a little sneak peek of what Timeneye will look like in a month or so.

Where can you see this preview? On our Timeneye Beta of course!

“Ok, what do I have to do to access the Beta?”

If you are already using Timeneye, you might have noticed a little red button inside your dashboard: simply click on it and you will be redirected on the Beta.

Alternatively, you can log in with your current Timeneye credentials at this link: https://goo.gl/iQNoOp

(Not a Timeneye user yet? How about you start by signing up here, it is free!)

Just a few things you need to know before you start:

  • The Beta and track.timeneye.com share a common database so everything you do on next.timeneye.com will appear on track.timeneye.com and vice-versa.
  • Since we are still working on it, the Beta might experience a few hiccups and get updated from time to time. We are sure you will understand!

“Cool! So, what’s new in this Timeneye?”

Firstly, we have spent a lot of time re-writing some of the stuff we already had and fixing some bugs here and there to assure our users the best Timeneye experience. Thanks to this, we have improved the system performances that used to suffer in case of accounts with numerous projects and users.

Besides that, we went through our customer’s suggestion and introduced some of the top requested features (plus some that we had in our mind for quite a while!), including:

  • Restyling the dashboard by giving it a cleaner, much better look;
  • A new and improved project view: now admins can search, filter, and multi-select projects;
  • An Import function from CSV: no more manually entering countless time entries, a simple CSV upload will solve your problems;
  • A Basecamp 3 account integration: this long-awaited integration is finally here!
  • A drag and drop feature and a quick edit for your time cards. You can move your saved entries around in your calendar; drag the bottom right corner of a time card to increase or decrease the time.

“Is this Beta finished?”

Nope. 🙂 The work is still in progress: we have other features that we will add before the new Timeneye is available for everyone, but we don’t want to reveal them just yet! We’ll make sure to send out word when we’re done- so keep an eye here on our blog or follow us on Twitter.

(One last thing: when activated, some of the new features trigger a confirmation email that is automatically sent to your address. Since we have not set up our emails yet, please ignore the links in those emails because they all go back to track.timeneye.com, where the features are not available. We’ll fix this as soon as possible, we promise!)

What do you think? Make sure to send us your feedback at [email protected] or to Tweet us your suggestions.

Have fun tracking!

About Stefania

CMO at Timeneye, making sure the world knows how cool time tracking is. She believes that with careful planning and organization, anything is possible. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and belting out tunes from Broadway musicals (although the neighbours don't seem to appreciate that).

  • Loving the Beta! Still really wish I could assign certain things globally to specific clients, such as a global color being applied to “Client A”. Nice revamp so far though! 🙂

  • Hi Derek, thank you for trying out the beta.

    The client management dialog is still incomplete, we’re going to add configurable colors also on clients.

    Anas B.

  • Ivan Milanovic

    Great. I find it even more userfriendly. Keep up the good work!

  • Óscar SP

    Testing the brand new Beta but you broke my heart, there is no Pomodoro feature… 🙁

  • Hi Oscar, thank you for trying out our beta.

    Yeah I know, we had to to prioritize the feature requests but don’t worry it’s on our roadmap.

    Once we close this update we will go on with pomodoro timers and give the possibility to leave the “phase” field as optional (another loved feature request). 😉

    Please make sure to check this blog from time to time.

    Anas B.

  • Mike_P77

    Are my current entries safe if I want to test beta version ?

  • Mike_P77

    Nevermind. I’m just testing. Looks amazing !

  • Darjan Zlobec


    well not testing the beta anymore… i’ve jumped into beta completely. Much nicer interface, I like the drag&drop and the drag time input. Nice job!

    The one feature I miss is the ability to plan my work in advance. This could be done to add a new phase “planned time” or just the ability to convert saved entry back to timer mode.

    Anyways great job. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you Ivan for testing our beta 😉

    Anas B.

  • Hi Mike,
    thank you for testing our new update.

    It’s the same database, so any data on the live version will be available also on the beta and vice versa.

    Anas B.

  • Hi Darjan,
    thank you for using your precious time to test our upcoming update.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the beta webapp and I hope you’ll like the upcoming updates.
    About the “planned time”: it’s on our roadmap but first we’ll need to close other features with higher priority.

    Anas B.

  • Mike_P77

    Thanks for the response Anas. As you said, all the entries remained intact. I just used dragging entry feature first time. Very handy. The layout is so clean and modern. You’ve created really great tool 😉

  • I’m a color-coder, I tested a LOT of time-apps and Timeneye fits best for me. I almost cried with the new colors, I miss a lot the stronger background colors and project recap on the right side, they have more impact and I can see them better from far.

    This feature for ‘planned time’ is everything missed on Timeneye to be perfect. The new app has a best proposal too.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Bibi,
    thank you for your feedback.

    The calendar cards color is a “fixed solution” we’ve been playing and testing for a long time with multiple “solutions” and this is the one that serves us better.

    For the sidebar issue, you can customize the dashboard appearance as you wish, just click on the “Dashboard configuration” button (that is placed based on the current conf.), and you’ll be able to move the sidebar and choose the modules to show.

    Kind Regards,
    Anas B.

  • Besides, the new app looks amazing! Nice job everyone!