Timeneye Call: easy time tracking for your phone calls

How much time do you spend talking on the phone with your clients? Chances are, if you’re part of a sales team or you’re a project manager, the answer is “a lot“.

Despite the rise in the use of emails, which still occupy most of the employees’ time, phone calls continue to be the preferable way of establishing and managing business relationships.

But phone calls, just like emails, can become a huge waste of time if they get out of control.

Introducing: Timeneye Call

Meet Timeneye Call Beta, the latest addition to the Timeneye family. This app is designed to help you track time spent on your business calls, and save them automatically inside your Timeneye account.

NOTE: Timeneye Call is currently available for our Business plans only

You can download Timeneye Call for Android here.

How does it work?

When a phone call ends, Timeneye Call asks you whether you want to register the time spent on that call or not.

You get to decide what to track: the app sends you a notification to ask you if you want to approve or ignore the call, or simply to put it in “Pending” status and get back to it later.


Every contact that you track for the first time is added to the Contacts section: here you can decide which of your Timeneye projects you want to link them to.

Once linked, all approved calls that you decide to track are automatically saved in your Timeneye account, in the correct project.

You can also decide whether to save the time tracked for your calls as time entries or to show them as Suggestions in your dashboard.

All the Timeneye apps, working together

Timeneye Call automatically syncs with your Timeneye account to store the time spent on your calls. If you have downloaded the Timeneye mobile app for Android, clicking on a saved call in Timeneye Call will automatically open the Timeneye mobile app, where you can manage the time entry.

In the Timeneye web app, all the time entries registered with Timeneye Call are marked with the “Call” icon, so you’ll be able to recognize them at a glance.


Vacation mode available

Don’t want Timeneye Call to keep asking you what to track? Simply enable the Vacation mode from the app Settings and temporarily turn Timeneye Call off.

Privacy above all

In order to use Timeneye Call, you only need to enter your Timeneye credentials. We do not ask nor keep track of your mobile phone number, and we do not ask nor track your mobile phone location on our servers.

Timeneye Call has to access your contact lists in order to correctly save your calls. The contacts are stored locally on the app: no phone number is stored on our servers so we have no way of going back to one of your contacts from a saved Timeneye Call entry.

If you have any doubts or concerns on how Timeneye Call works, feel free to write us at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Get started today

If you’re currently on a Business plan for teams, download Timeneye Call and start tracking! Make sure to have a look at our FAQs and our Support documentation for more information.

Timeneye Call is still a Beta so we’d love to hear your thought and suggestions. Make sure to reach out on Twitter @Timeneye, or leave a comment below.

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