NEW: A Smarter way to Manage Project Phases

There are different ways to manage projects. Whatever they may be, one big challenge is to make sure every project is on track.

In Timeneye, all projects are divided into phases to allow breaking down the work into smaller chunks, and help users to see clearly how much time and resources were allocated to each.

We’ve decided to make things easier for our users by adding a brand new feature in the Project section of Timeneye: the Phases tab.
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NEW: Creating New Projects and Phases On the Go

The Holiday Season is over, the year 2018 has started, we’re back in the office!

To kickstart the New Year, we’d like to introduce you to a long-awaited feature. It’s apparently small, but we think it’ll make a big difference for our users who are always on-the-go

It’s now possible to create projects and phases from Timeneye mobile app for iOS and Android devices.
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December Updates: New Timers and Suggestions

The year 2017 is almost ending, and as we juggle between last minute updates and New Year resolutions, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate our journey this year. We’d also like to share with you a few changes we’ve recently made in the web app that, we hope, will make using Timeneye even easier.

But most of all, we would like to thank all our users for their love and support in this year as well!
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Timeneye Call: easy time tracking for your phone calls

How much time do you spend talking on the phone with your clients? Chances are, if you’re part of a sales team or you’re a project manager, the answer is “a lot“.

Despite the rise in the use of emails, which still occupy most of the employees’ time, phone calls continue to be the preferable way of establishing and managing business relationships.

But phone calls, just like emails, can become a huge waste of time if they get out of control.
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What’s new with Timeneye?

If you have just logged into Timeneye you might have noticed quite a few changes.

The main purpose of this update was to make Timeneye faster, more flexible, and to provide our users with a simpler and more effective time tracking.We have been working on a few cool new features, and after months of coding and testing, today we’re happy to share them with everyone.
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