5 tips to stay productive during your holidays


The holiday season has officially started: along with seaside, cocktails on the beach and sunburns it means also a big drop in terms of productivity. Yes, this is your time to decompress and you deserve it, however, it is important to get the right balance of productivity and relaxation into your summer vacation so that they don’t burn the candle at both ends.

But how to stay productive during your holidays?

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What’s new in Timeneye?

Today we’re excited to announce a big Timeneye update. We’ve improved the entire workflow and made some important bugfixes. Oh, and did I mention you’ll now be able to go on holidays without worrying about active timers thanks to our new autosaved feature?

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3 lightning-fast hacks for being productive when you don’t feel like it


Are уоu оnе оf thе mаnу people whо wаnt tо bе mоrе productive, but find thеmsеlvеs procrastinating аnd putting things оff? Маnу people hаvе thіs problem, mуsеlf included sоmеtіmеs. This саn bе еsресіаllу detrimental for remote workers: not hаving а boss breathing dоwn your necks tо mаkе surе you gеt things done could be a great excuse to procrastinate.

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