An inspiring lesson from Jack Skellington – Merry Christmas from Timeneye!


I love movies and I’m a big Tim Burton fan, but when I saw that “The nightmare before Christmas” is going to be broadcasted tonight, my first thought was: “Oh no, another time no..”. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I admire the passion that Henry Selick put in this stop motion movie, but I just came to a point where I won’t be able to watch it another time: it’s from 1994 that this movie is broadcasted every single Christmas Day in Italy. This year it would be the 22nd time that I’ll be sitting on the couch with my parents and relatives at the end of a never ending meal feigning interest not to disappoint my little cousins.

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Why is time tracking essential for creatives?


It is a well known cliché that developers and “non-conforming-hipsters” working within creative and web design agencies, work around the clock to hit deadlines. These individuals struggle between the desire to travel and work and therefore condense their job in long sessions that usually leads them to lose track of the time used to complete each tasks.

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