Improving the way teams work together in Timeneye

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Today we’ve made the first step towards a better team management and account optimization inside Timeneye. A few months ago we realized that some users who already had an active subscription wanted to be part of a team but, unfortunately, this wasn’t possible. The only solution was deleting the account and get invited by the team’s administrator: definitely a time wasting and tricky way to do it. Continue reading

Timeneye and Basecamp 3: finally together!


To-dos, to-dos, to-dos… we all have them but since Basecamp released their new update, tracking time for them has become harder than ever.

Here’s why we’ve decided to make it possible to track time for Basecamp 3 to-dos before the official release of their public APIs: “if Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.” Continue reading

3 Simple Tips to Stay Productive During Black Friday


Let’s face it, it happens to everyone! Out of curiosity or need, in the 15-minute break or just at the end of our lunch most of us contemplate the spamming emails that we receive in the morning about the latest clothing and tech deals.
Whether it’s the new dress to wear for the upcoming Friday night our or birthday gift idea for friends or your loved ones, whether to satisfy a curiosity or buy basic kitchen tools, rummage through web counters is an irresistible temptation for many, especially during sales.

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The new Timeneye is almost here…


One year ago, the Timeneye team set off with a big mission: to make time tracking simpler and more intelligent. We were sure that a better way to manage time was possible and that is why we developed Timeneye.
We were amazed by the response of our users and we heard a lot of great feedback and ideas directly from people like you.

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